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oh leopard print, oh leopard print, wherefore art thou leopard print!

December 1, 2011

After the long minutes, hours and days spent crawling through the shops looking for a pair of leopard print pumps, Alison and Danielle have finally found a pump or two (maybe three!) to call their own.

With reports of leopard print making a come back, it’s surprising it took so long to find a cute pair of leopards for such a small price! For only £5 you can find these classic pumps in… wait for it… Primark! Or Primarni as some like to call it. We suggest buying them in bulk to avoid disappointment and extreme weather conditions making them soggy.

Everyone in the office is sure it will be an everlasting love affair but they also fear the day the leopard print pumps come in to contact with the rain and Primarni stop selling them.

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