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Kate Moss goes home to Croydon… in a helicopter!

February 10, 2012

Kate Moss goes home to Croydon… in a helicopter!

The Croydon born supermodel was airlifted on to the famous Whitgift shopping centre to shoot her latest Rimmel advert. This might be old news but we couldn’t help having a little giggle at one of our favourite London models!

As the top floor of the shopping centre and multi-storey car park was being completely cleared so Kate’s chopper could land safely, mass-hysteria was sparked as locals and nearby shoppers gathered to figure out who the lady behind the helicopter was! Some people were convinced it was queen-to-be Kate Middleton arriving but were greeted by their very own Croydon supermodel Kate Moss.

Kate Moss, whose family still live in the South London suburb, joked that “Getting in the chopper and going home” was her most memorable experience to date with the make-up brand Rimmel, who she has been working with for ten years.

Kate Moss at The British Fashion Awards 2011

We’re happy to say that London-Proud-Kate is most definitely not known for….. Read the full story here:

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