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Pete Doherty for The Kooples!

March 20, 2012

The talented Pete Doherty’s collaboration with The Kooples has finally been released after a rocky start and we couldn’t be more impressed with his new clothing line!

Taking inspiration from his own style, here you will see the ‘Mods’ of the 60s and Pete Doherty’s very own vintage wardrobe; panama hats, braces, brogues and T-shirts featuring his own artwork all form part of the long-awaited mix!

Pete Doherty for The Kooples

The troubled musician’s highs and lows have been well documented over the years including several brushes with the law, addiction, rehab and of course, his previous relationship with model Kate Moss; but his recent 6 month stint in prison hasn’t stopped the 32 year old artist from leaving his mark in the fashion world. “Working with Pete Doherty is a great adventure. He is a passionate and creative artist, but creativity can also sometimes lead to complications” said The Kooples founders when Doherty was sent to prison last year.

The Libertines, Babyshambles, painting with blood (we still don’t understand that…?!) and now fashion… Pete Doherty is most definitely a character we won’t forget!

See the full collection here at The Kooples website: 

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