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Honey Malaolu on the red carpet!

November 21, 2012

We are very happy that one of our past exhibitors from August’12 has been featured at Fashion Finest. Honey Malaolu was one of the sponsored designers during the 3 day trade show last summer.


Credit image: Honey Malaolu LookBook

The fashion designer had one of her creations on the Fashion Finest Awards 2012 red carpet. The beautiful purple dress was worn by Deborah St. Louis, CEO and editor in chief of Fashions Finest.  Fashion Finest is a multi award-winning fashion event company that provides professional show production & management of catwalk shows, fashion events, award ceremonies, launches for a wide variety of UK and international clients. The dress looked fantastic on Deborah St Louis.


Credit images: Lucie Desmond at the fashion finest award 2012

Honey Malaolu is a fashion designer that uses vibrant colours and textures in her collections, depicting the essence of butterfly’s boldness. Producing her collection in London, Honey uses ecological techniques that have an air of sensuality and innocence. The dark purple evening dress was of her Butterfly Collection Set 1.

Honey Malaolu stated” it was a nice feeling and she looked beautiful in the dress, I was very happy”.

Check out Honey Malaolu and our past exhibitors here!

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