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Amazing News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 1, 2013

 …partnerships, meetings, single country show, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, UKTI… five things to sum up our visit to Oman and clues about our beautiful experience in such an amazing country.

 We took off on Friday night and after 8 hours on the plane, we were kindly welcomed by Mr.Zedjaly, the manager director of Al-Hadaf Group; and here we are!! 3 days characterized by a string of good news.

 The first day, Saturday 27th May, we had a great meeting with Mr.Cranshaw, the Deputy Head of UK Trade & Investment, pleased to support our new exhibition.  In the afternoon we went for a meeting with Al-Hadaf Group. There is just one word to describe it: successful!!  We signed and welcomed a partnership with them and we made all the arrangements for the new 4-day exhibition that will take place in Oman from 5th – 8th May 2014.

 Are you wondering what type of exhibition I’m talking about? Easy: British Products and Services Exhibition, a single country show exhibition, the first of its kind in Oman. Categories will include Education, Tourism, Property, Health, Retails, Heavy and Light Industry and both England and Oman will benefit from it.

 Because of its uniqueness and its future ability to incentivise the creation of new international business, it has been really well-received also on the second day by Mr.Sulaiman, the general manger of the Oman International Exhibition Centre, the venue which will host our show.

 And the cherry on the top was the meeting with Mr.Balushi, advisor at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry on the third day. With our excitement, he was pleased to offer us any type of support, encourage our work and discuss a future partnership.

 The final question is: could our visit be better than this?


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