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Shipra Malhotra – Feminine style, poise and couture

September 2, 2013

Shipra Malhotra

Feminine style, poise and couture


Shipra Malhotra.fw

The clothes Shipra designs are not just a form of creativity but a form of perfecting her expression of beauty and femininity. Her modest beginnings of a passionate hobby designing clothes for friends and family led her to set up an ensemble store in Delhi NCR. She later followed her passion for design and went on to acquire formal training through a professional qualification in Fashion Design from NIFT, Hyderabad India.

Her ever evolving sense of style and understanding of her clients’ personalities has made her famous amongst her celebrity and high profile clients who today rely on her creativity to make them shine like stars at every event that they wear an ensemble designed by her.

Shipra MalhotraThe brilliance of her design shines through the fusion of materials, artisan hand work, weaves, cuts and styles of vibrant colours, bringing out the epitome of poise, style, and design in every garment she designs. Each day brings in new ray of ideas, a ‘fusion’ of styles ‘patch-worked’ with ‘gorgeous embellishments’ in a vibrant eclectic colour palette to make her women feel beautiful.

Her label Q9 is expanding rapidly, with two studios already in Delhi NCR & Pune in India in a short span of five years. Shipra is set to make a serious bid in the international arena, today expanding to Dubai, and has successfully show-cased her clothes at London Fashion Week.

Shipra will be taking part in this year’s London Garmets Expo under the name Vinayaka Fashion Studios at stand A28.

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