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Kate Moss joins Absolutely Fabulous for a special episode! 

Model Kate Moss is no stranger to having a laugh in front of the camera for Sport Relief – last year she played Misery Bear’s obsessed fan by revealing a creepy shrine to the charity’s mascot, oo-er!

Kate Moss with Misery Bear in 2011

We thought she couldn’t beat playing a spooky stalker until we found out she would be joining the cast of Absolutely Fabulous in a special episode for Sport Relief this Friday 23rd March. This year will see Joanna Lumley’s darling character Patsy get all nervous as she has a chance encounter with Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and David Gandy.

Kate is usually a bit camera shy when it comes to TV but the young model loves showing her support for charity and we can’t wait to have a giggle with her over Ab Fab!


Pete Doherty for The Kooples!

The talented Pete Doherty’s collaboration with The Kooples has finally been released after a rocky start and we couldn’t be more impressed with his new clothing line!

Taking inspiration from his own style, here you will see the ‘Mods’ of the 60s and Pete Doherty’s very own vintage wardrobe; panama hats, braces, brogues and T-shirts featuring his own artwork all form part of the long-awaited mix!

Pete Doherty for The Kooples

The troubled musician’s highs and lows have been well documented over the years including several brushes with the law, addiction, rehab and of course, his previous relationship with model Kate Moss; but his recent 6 month stint in prison hasn’t stopped the 32 year old artist from leaving his mark in the fashion world. “Working with Pete Doherty is a great adventure. He is a passionate and creative artist, but creativity can also sometimes lead to complications” said The Kooples founders when Doherty was sent to prison last year.

The Libertines, Babyshambles, painting with blood (we still don’t understand that…?!) and now fashion… Pete Doherty is most definitely a character we won’t forget!

See the full collection here at The Kooples website: 


Happy Leap Year!

To celebrate the leap year in true style, we have decided to write a little something about our favourite New Girl… Zooey Deschanel – we love her rather large fringe, her vintage style, her strangely attractive deep voice and those bright blue eyes. With Summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to look at the quirky actress who stole our hearts in 500 Days of Summer and made us chuckle (and sing…) in her latest TV series New Girl.

Those of us who are true Zooey fans will remember our big-fringed actress in Almost Famous as Anita – William’s cool, older sister who broke free from their strange mother’s home. We hadn’t heard much since then or until 500 Days of Summer appeared in our cinemas, making us fall head-over-heels for Summer’s cutesy, vintage inspired wardrobe.

So you can only guess how happy we were to see her every Friday in New Girl! If you love Zooey Deschanel, pretty dresses, love stories, banter, big fringes and a good sing-song, then New Girl is the show for you. Zooey plays quirky and naïve Jess – a typically geeky, pretty, girl-next-door type who moves in to a new apartment with 3 men she doesn’t know, after humiliating herself in front of her now ex boyfriend and his bit on the side. She has a strange obsession with the film Dirty Dancing (like most women) and often bursts in to song… she even has her own theme tune which is actually kinda catchy!

So who is your favourite Zooey? It’s safe to say ours could be Jess but it could also be Summer if she wasn’t so cold……… ha! See what we did there!


Singer Whitney Houston dies aged 48

On Sunday morning, people across the nation were waking up to the devastating news – pop star Whitney Houston was dead.

I Will Always Love You, Greatest Love Of All, Saving All My Love For You and of course, I Want To Dance With Somebody were only a few of her greatest hits. She was the most awarded female artist of all time, the only artist to chart seven No.1s in a row and one of the very few singers from the mid-80s who stuck around and continued to release chart-topping music.

  1986: a young Whitney Houston holds her
first GRAMMY award

Whitney Houston was also known for her beauty and for being one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood but her talent was her voice and as with many of our most loved songbirds, the public watched her rise to fame and fall dramatically to rock bottom. Whitney had one of the most memorable voices to date but sadly gave in to years of drug addiction and alcohol abuse before it finally took over her life, ultimately ending with her death at the young age of only 48.

We’re sure there are women (and men… come on, don’t hide your feelings!) all over the country singing their hearts out to Whitney’s greatest hits. Those who supposedly don’t like Whitney Houston only have to listen to the opening line of I Will Always Love You to see how truly talented she was… and if those first few words of “If I, should stay…” don’t send tingles up their spines, there is clearly something wrong.

2009: Whitney looking better than ever at
the American Music Awards in LA.

With Cissy Houston her mother, Dionne Warwick her cousin and Aretha Franklin her godmother, it’s no surprise that the young woman singing passionately “I’m saving all my love for you…” or belting out “I want to dance with somebody” would be one of the greatest singers and pop stars for many years to come.


Kate Moss goes home to Croydon… in a helicopter!

The Croydon born supermodel was airlifted on to the famous Whitgift shopping centre to shoot her latest Rimmel advert. This might be old news but we couldn’t help having a little giggle at one of our favourite London models!

As the top floor of the shopping centre and multi-storey car park was being completely cleared so Kate’s chopper could land safely, mass-hysteria was sparked as locals and nearby shoppers gathered to figure out who the lady behind the helicopter was! Some people were convinced it was queen-to-be Kate Middleton arriving but were greeted by their very own Croydon supermodel Kate Moss.

Kate Moss, whose family still live in the South London suburb, joked that “Getting in the chopper and going home” was her most memorable experience to date with the make-up brand Rimmel, who she has been working with for ten years.

Kate Moss at The British Fashion Awards 2011

We’re happy to say that London-Proud-Kate is most definitely not known for the legendary ‘Croydon Facelift’ hairstyle and instead has created her own style over the years, once saying “Anything goes in London. It’s very different from in Paris and New York, you can be who you want to be.”

In 2007, Kate Moss started an exciting and exclusive collection for Topshop, a collection now missed by women all over the country. Designing pieces that were to become collectables, Kate was inspired by her own wardrobe giving shoppers the chance to take on her unique sense of style. Her final collection was an instant sell-out and was followed by the launch of Kate Iconic – a selection of her 10 best selling designs since the start of her collaboration with the high-street giant.

We have never mentioned Kate Moss on our blog… and there’s no better place to start than in a helicopter, in Croydon!


Margaret Thatcher… style icon?!

After the release of The Iron Lady, we take a look at one of our quietly confident style icons… The Iron Lady herself.

When you think of fashion you never think of Margaret Thatcher but her endless collection of pussybow blouses, structured handbags and that immaculate barnet definitely made a statement in the houses of parliament. Although disliked by many (er, nearly the entire population) Thatcher is an image never to be forgotten.

Thatcher is a far away land from when we saw Meryl Streep playing ice-queen and fashion God Miranda Priestley in her hit movie The Devil Wears Prada. Meryl Streep has successfully reunited us with that old love/hate relationship with Margaret Thatcher and her immaculate, structured (and slightly scary) sense of style.

The white hair, the frosty blue eyes and the voice… this reincarnation of “The Iron Lady” is spot-on.


Fashion isn’t all about dressing up…

Light, fluffy, sweet and a bit of a sin… we say hello to The Hummingbird Bakery!

Fashion isn’t just the latest dresses or new high street/designer collaborations and The Hummingbird Bakery proves just that by coming up with (yes, you guessed it…) the latest cupcakes! In the last year Cupcake Mania has taken over the nation and is proving to be one of the biggest trends amongst young fashionables.

Forget the dry, boring and sometimes plastic tasting cupcakes often found in supermarkets, here in a tiny bakery in the heart of Soho, you can witness the best of the baking world. With fluffy butter-cream icing, light sponge and rich fillings, you won’t know what’s hit you! If you’re one of those strange folk who don’t have a sweet tooth you can simply admire the art of cake decoration. All of the decorations at The Hummingbird Bakery are handmade daily by on-site decorators, adding a special personalized touch to these tiny bundles of joy.

You will now find cupcake boutiques opening all over London, cupcake themed parties and events, cupcake wedding cakes, cupcake patterned dresses, cupcake shaped teacups… the list is neverending… but Hummingbird will always remain the original and the one closest to our heart.

Our favourite is a Red Velvet Cupcake or a Black Bottom Cupcake after a long day of browsing the shops on Oxford Street… this is a must-try, must-see, must-everything bakery!


Elizabeth Taylor jewellery auction sets a new world record!
As one of the most iconic women in Hollywood, it’s no shock that Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection went down well at auction but no one expected it to rake in £74MILLION in just one night, with the auctioneer saying with genuine surprise “”I don’t even know where to begin. Next lot, starting at $10million?”

The atmosphere grew with anticipation of how much higher the next lot would go for, with certain pieces selling for almost 4 times the estimated price. Bidders were calling in from around the globe offering astounding amounts of money to claim a piece of the stunning collection.

The evening’s auction was expected to fetch $30 million. The hammer went down on a night that had accumulated $115,932,000 / £74,196,480.

Read more about the auction and view photos of the collection here:



posted on: 12/12/2011 11:15:11

The organiser of the London Garments Expo will relocate the show from London Olympia to the Business Design Centre (BDC) in 2012.The second annual apparel trade show will take place from 29 to 31 August 2012 and aims to bring British and international manufacturers, designers and buyers together to open up export and import opportunities. The show is organised by Perfect Management London and covered 11 different countries in its first year including the UK, India, China, Turkey, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.The inaugural London Garments Expo ran from 27 to 29 October 2011 at London Olympia and had 81 exhibitors. Perfect Management spokesperson Danielle Jones-Smith said the move was precipitated by the venue’s 2012 London Olympic Games but highlighted BDC’s location in the trendy, design-led central Islington area as a major plus.“The BDC is fitting with what we’re trying to do and it’s not too dissimilar from the Olympia Grand Hall on a slightly smaller scale,” she said. The new dates in August will see the show situated in the middle of the buyers’ seasons and ahead of London Fashion Week.“There were several things we need to improve on from the first show and one of these was the date, which we’ve acknowledged and moved,” Jones-Smith continued. “We’re also aiming to market to specific industry sectors to improve our visitor numbers.”Jones-Smith said it hoped to run a bigger and better show in 2012 and highlighted education and skills as key focal points. Among new features planned in 2012 are a Best of British pavilion to sit alongside other dedicated country areas. The event includes a fashion catwalk and workshops.Jones-Smith said the organiser will look to increase the number of emerging countries present at the show such as Brazil and Bangladesh.“We will have a bigger focus on emerging labels and up-and-coming designers,” she added.Olympia is currently in the midst of a £20m redevelopment plan to upgrade the West Hall and providing connecting links into the Grand and Olympia 2 halls.Read the article here:


This Is England ’88 starting next Tuesday 13th December! 
With news of This Is England ’88 hitting our screens next Tuesday, we take a look at one of the reasons the film and tv series was such a huge success… the fashion.

The Harrington jacket, the Fred Perry polo and of course… the Ben Sherman shirt. The skinhead movement is one full of iconic labels and one that will never be forgotten. But mention the word skinhead and it instantly has a negative reaction. Why? Because skinheads and mods seem to be associated with fighting, riots, racism and general hooligan behavior. What people seem to forget is that it was a fashion statement for many young people growing up in the 80s and one which is still heavily influencing the fashion world today.

Boys and girls, with their shaved heads, tattoos, super skinny jeans, boots and polo shirts, it’s no wonder they were labeled as intimidating. But there is definitely a certain something about this particular way of dressing and This Is England is bringing back the skinhead trend and representing the fashion and style of 1980s England.

The film and tv series stays true to hard-hitting issues of the 80s with the dreaded Margaret Thatcher, The Falklands War, drugs and racism all rolled into one long emotional rollercoaster. This Is England ’88 has been described as a somewhat disturbing Christmas nativity, picking up in the festive season only 18 months after the murder of Lol’s dad, we see Lol and Woody struggle to come to terms with their feelings and everything they have been through.

But the one thing that sticks in most people’s minds is how spot-on and realistic the styling is. All you have to do is look at the likes of Amy Winehouse and even pop singer Olly Murs to see this isn’t another forgotten trend. Or just take a walk down London’s Carnaby Street to witness it in action!

With the new tv series starting next Tuesday 13th December, we’re preparing for even more gritty drama from director Shane Meadows and tons of amazing outfits. We welcome This Is England ’88 with big, festive, open arms! And probably a few tissues.


Valentino launches virtual museum!
Italian designer Valentino has launched the first ever virtual museum!

Available as a downloadable desktop application, the virtual museum offers a tour of the designers most famous and most iconic designs, showcasing over 300 garments and highlighting Valentino’s long career in fashion.

At the museum you will find original sketches and fashion illustrations, inspiration behind each piece and photos of the finished garment and who wore what, when and where! You can also look through Valentino’s most remembered advertising campaigns, editorials, special features and unforgettable red carpet moments featuring his designs.

Valentino kicked off the launch of his new virtual museum with a lavish party in New York. Calling the museum a “Valentino shrine”, the designer had a successful launch and star studded party with Fashion enthusiasts Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne Guinness, Claire Danes and Rachel Zoe, being only a handful of those who attended the event.


Retro Glamour & Cabin Crew Chic – Hello Pan Am!
Forget your Downton inspired dress and get out your best pencil skirt, it’s time to say hello to Pan Am – the latest glossy US drama to hit our screens!

Based on their world famous Pan Am air hostesses of the 1960s, this show offers you the best in retro glamour and cabin chic, making the high street go crazy for delicate gloves, pencil skirts and silk blouses. No one can forget the “Mad-Men-Madness” which sent shoppers off in search of the perfect housewife themed dress, but we have the feeling this show will be even bigger in the fashion department.

The styling for this hit show is spot on and includes the famous carefully folded and pinned pillbox hats, bright white gloves, and hourglass figures squeezed in to neatly tailored wiggle dresses. Girdles and heels are a must as with all cabin crew of the 60s, and it’s safe to say you won’t be seeing any of these young women losing their balance in their sky scraper court shoes!

Although Pan Am is pleasing to look at with its bright colours and glamorous outfits, it’s not all curls, sunshine and laughter in this BBC2 series. The characters deal with hard-hitting issues such as racism and espionage, straight from a time when these were taboo subjects, but they manage to deal with their problems through a simple game of truth or dare throughout their ever-changing flights, keeping their smiles fixed tightly in true cabin crew style.

Each scene is beautifully crafted and each character has a wardrobe swooned over by thousands of viewers, complete with original couture dresses, so make sure you have a good watch and write down your Christmas list!


Winter Warmers: The Best Festive Knits!

Stay stylish in this bright red Nordic patterned jumper!
Vila Knitted Jumper – £45


Dorothy Perkins never fails in the knitwear department – wear this cute penguin jumper just in time for Christmas!
Dorothy Perkins
Ivory Penguin Long Line Jumper – 

Oh Henry Holland… we love you. And we love the knitted bobbles on this cream cardi! Remember the sale starts soon… so grab it quick!
H! By Henry Holland at Debenhams
Cream Bobble Cable Knit Cardigan – £35

H&M always seem to have the best jumpers and cardigans. This is our favourite traditional print festive jumper!

Jumper – £19.99

Ok so it’s not reeeally festive but we do love the pretty red ribbon!
Fluffy Intarsia Cat Jumper – £55

The team adore the little hedgehog and love heart print on this cosy jumper!
River Island
Cream Print Chelsea Girl Intarsia Jumper – £35 

Sparkle like the decorations on your Christmas tree in this crystal embellished cardi…!
Crystal Claw Cardi – £70 

We can’t decide which we love more – embellished or novelty jumpers?! Well it is Christmas… and it is a reindeer.
Knitted Reindeer Jumper – £50


It has been decided… we love woodland animals!
Urban Outfitters
Cooperative Fox Intasia Cardigan – £55

It’s Topshop again… they definitely win in the novelty jumper department! But who wins… the reindeer or our old friend the snowman?!
Knitted Xmas Snowman Jumper – £50


Kate Middleton hits the top of Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Dressed List 2011!

Harper’s Bazaar magazine has put Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, at Number 1 on their 2011 Best Dressed List. The Duchess won 1st place on the nation’s annual list of 20 best-dressed celebrities due to her incredible, classic, British style, beating the likes of Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Samantha Cameron and Kristen Scott Thomas.

Since the royal wedding last April, when her Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen wedding dress stunned viewers, Kate Middleton has become a style icon and has started influencing shoppers with her high-street buys. Many of the high-street items she wears become instant sell-outs with young girls and women flocking to the shops to grab the same, if not identical, outfit.


Leopard print pumps are back! Hoorah!
After the long minutes, hours and days spent crawling through the shops looking for a pair of leopard print pumps, Alison and Danielle have finally found a pump or two (maybe three!) to call their own.

With reports of leopard print making a come back, it’s surprising it took so long to find a cute pair of leopards for such a small price! For only £5 you can find these classic pumps in… wait for it… Primark! Or Primarni as some like to call it. We suggest buying them in bulk to avoid disappointment and extreme weather conditions making them soggy.

Everyone in the office is sure it will be an everlasting love affair but they also fear the day the leopard print pumps come in to contact with the rain and Primarni stop selling them.


Amy Winehouse dress sold at auction for over £40,000!
The cream, polka dot, chiffon dress worn by singer Amy Winehouse on the cover of her most famous album Back To Black sold at auction for over £40,000 .

The London singer’s Back To Black dress reached a shocking £43, 200 at an auction held by her father Mitch Winehouse and organized by Kerry Taylor Auctions. The dress has now gone to the Museo de la Moda, a fashion museum in Santiago, Chile. Proud father Mitch says he is “over the moon” that the designer Disaya has donated all proceeds to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was set up in her memory after the young singer was found dead in her Camden home last Summer.

Amy Winehouse very quickly shot to fame after releasing her second and most popular album Back To Black, based on the singer’s rocky relationship with then husband and love of her life Blake Fielder-Civil. Her classic beehive, black eyeliner, sailor tattoos and her take on 1950s retro, instantly made her a style icon, with young girls quickly following the “Winehouse Look”.

The singer’s final album Lioness: Hidden Treasures is set to be released on Monday 5th December in time for Christmas, with £1 from every album sold going to The Amy Winehouse Foundation.


What Katie Did lingerie featured in new movie My Week With Marilyn!
Known for her platinum blonde hair, hourglass figure and stunning costumes, it’s no surprise that vintage lingerie company What Katie Did is supplying the lingerie for new cinema release My Week With Marilyn.

Wondering around the set in an ever-changing range of bullet bras, corselettes and high-waisted knickers, Michelle Williams pulls off the Marilyn look complete with the ditzy blonde routine and unforgettable blonde curls!

For the last few months, What Katie Did’s head office has been eagerly awaiting the release of My Week With Marilyn and buzzing at the thought of having their collections showcased on the big screen.

Have a look through the What Katie Did website for some vintage inspiration – we are particularly fond of the Glamour Corselette and their amazing range of girdles!


Sarah Burton wins Designer of The Year Award and McQ launches London store!

Alexander McQueen has announced plans for the opening of their McQ store for next Spring 2012. The long-awaited store will located in a Georgian townhouse on Dover Street, London W1S, with over 270 metres of retail space. This will be McQ’s first flagship store where they will offer womenswear, menswear and accessories spread over 4 storeys.

For the first time since McQ was launched, they will be showcasing their Autumn/Winter collection on the catwalk at London Fashion Week in February 2012, giving fashion week fanatics an idea of what to expect at the store opening.

In other McQueen news, chief designer Sarah Burton was handed fashion’s ultimate accolade at the British Fashion Awards – Designer of The Year. After designing and creating one of 2011’s most swooned over dresses for The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, it’s completely appropriate for Sarah Burton to take home the Designer of The Year award.

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, stunned viewers with her beautiful ivory silk and lace gown, making the Royal Wedding a day to be remembered, with the dress being the star of the show. Kate Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen and designer Sarah Burton for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing.

Winning the Designer of The Year award must be the icing on the cake for a truly unforgettable 2011 for Royal Wedding Dress Designer and Alexander McQueen Chief Designer Sarah Burton.


Burlesque star Dita Von Teese launches new lingerie collection!

Dita’s vintage inspired lingerie collection will hit stores next February 2012 with additional collections being added throughout the Spring and Summer.

In the past Dita Von Teese has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Wonderbra, but her new venture Von Follies will be her first ever solo project.

As a throw-back to the 1950s, it’s no surprise that the burlesque queen’s collection includes classic, vintage pieces such as over wire bras, high-waisted briefs, suspender belts and girdles, stating: ‘There are so many vintage lingerie pieces I love that I haven’t been able to find in all my years of  collecting. I wanted to design pieces that are tributes to my vintage obsessions…’

Premiering next February 2012, the Von Follies by Dita Von Teese collection will hit 172 Target stores across Australia and online, with additional pieces appearing in the Spring and Summer.

Read the full article here:


Marni for H&M – the high street store’s next designer collaboration!

After the explosion of their first Versace collection, high street giants H&M have announced their new collaboration with Marni. Known for the quality, craft and attention to detail, the first installment of Marni for H&M will be a definite must-see next Spring.

H&M tend to wait a few months before before announcing their next designer collaboration, but next year we will see the Marni for H&M collection launched only a month after their second Versace collection becomes available.

Next March 2012, designer lovers can expect a colorful, mixed print collection including a purple polka dot suit, striped boyfriend sweaters, accessories, and resin bangles. In true Marni style, there will be clashing prints and patterns, block colours, bejeweling and a range of funky plastic jewellery and accessories.

H&M has previously collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and Jimmy Choo. Their latest collaboration with Versace is in shops now with a second collection expected early in Spring 2012.

The Marni collection will launch in March 2012 and will be sold in 260 stores worldwide and online.

Have a look at Elle for a sneak peek:

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